Custom Mattresses

From the beginning in 1920, Capital Bedding Company has specialized in custom mattress manufacturing. We build over 500 various shapes and sizes. Listed below are a few types of custom mattresses we build on a regular basis.

Picture of Custom Antique Bed for Dunleith Plantation by Capital Bedding Company

Antique Mattresses

Highly detailed carvings adorn antique French headboards on surviving beds from the 17 and 1800's.  The perfect overall mattress measurement and foundation height is a custom consideration that allows these decorations to be showcased. Although early craftsman incorporated a stuffing of  horse hair and cotton,  today, high quality poly-foams offer both underlying support and comfort yielding an austere form with modern performance. Capital Bedding Company shows great interest towards these classics and with the help of our measuring service, will construct a perfectly sized model from our Gallery Collection that preserves these design details of your antique bed.

RV Mattresses

Is it time to upgrade your mattress in your RV?


Recreational Vehicles include Campers of all makes and models from bumper pulls and goosenecks to Class A and Class C motor homes.

Short Queens are typical in motor homes and measure 60" x 74", which is a bit shorter than a normal queen measurement of 60" x 80".

Even the Airstream Brand is known for its gentle curved shapes where only a specific, matching curved mattresses will fit the space.


Hand-built, custom shaping is completed in house were we offer both single and double sided mattresses with many constructions.

Flexible and supportive innerspring beds from our residential line are available to make your camping experience truly feel like home.

Any size and many constructions to fit your needs.  Thicknesses range from 4" foam mattresses to 12" innerspring/memory foam hybrids beds.


Call us to discuss your needs and have your camper upgraded to a Capital Bedding Company mattress in just 2 short weeks.

A picture of a custom yacht mattress by capital bedding company

Yacht Mattresses

Custom manufactured mattresses for the Captain's quarters, crew bunks or guest state rooms. Each Yacht mattress is custom built to your boat's unique requirements using organic fabrics, vinyl or nylon.

Capital Bedding Company's Products are made in the USA




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